Service your boiler on an annual basis

It’s important that you service your boiler on an annual basis to ensure that parts are up to date, problems are identified and repairs are carried out.

Ideally Summer is the best time to have your boiler serviced, that way if there are any repairs needed carrying out it’s the time of year you’re not reliant on your heating.

During a service our engineers will carry out the following.

  • Inspect the controls to make sure they are in order and working correctly. The controls will range from the timer switches and controls on the front of the boiler.
  • Water pressure will be checked and a test run by our engineer to test it sits within the safe limits on your boiler
  • Gas safety check for gas pressure and leaks to make sure your boiler is operating at the correct safe guidelines for gas pressure
  • The boiler will be checked for rust and any parts replaced.
  • All parts will be cleaned and any casing replaced that has been removed for the service

We will leave you with the necessary paperwork identifying what we have carried out as part of the service.  If you’re unsure about anything in this paperwork then please flag up either at the time of service or we are happy to discuss after.

If you haven’t already got a service plan in place we recommend that you do so.  Winter is coming and you don’t want to be left without heat or water in the cold coming months.

Service your boiler on an annual basis