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5 TOP Winter energy saving tips

We all love to see savings on our energy bills. In Winter we use our boilers and hot water more and the energy we save in the summer can be offset against the Winter but this isn’t always the case with the British weather.

Here are our 5 top winter energy saving tips

Switch to energy Saving LED Light bulbs

  • LED Bulbs use much less electricity than our normal light bulbs and last longer so saving you the cost of replacing too.
  • Switch off any lights that you aren’t using as this will save you money

Secure any draughts

  • Seal any draughts with excluders or get advice from your local DIY Store
  • Heat can escape from gaps in windows, ceilings, floors and doors so check all of these

Get your boiler serviced

  • Getting your boiler serviced annually can help you diagnose any problems and keep the boiler working efficiently.
  • The engineer can also diagnose any large problems and advise if your boiler is old and needs replacing.

Insulate your home

  • The government have schemes to insulate your home, you can check if you qualify here
  • Depending on what type of boiler you have at home, you may want to insulate your boiler to keep the water warmer for longer.
  • Check the loft to see what insulation you have there as heat rises and can often float straight out of your roof if it isn’t insulated.

Control your heating

  • Installing thermostatic radiator valves could save you money on your heating so if haven’t got them then we recommend you do.
  • Bleed your radiators regularly
  • Install a SMART Thermostat. Having a SMART home can save you money and helps you control your heating.

5 TOP Winter energy saving tips