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Baxi Platinum E20 Fault Code

E20 Baxi Code

Nothing is perfect but it is worrying when you see a fault code flash up on your boiler. We fit a range of boilers including the Baxi Platinum range. In this blog, we would like to inform you what the E20 baxi fault code means.

What does NTC mean?

E20 means central heating NTC error

NTC – Negative Temperature Coefficient. NTC thermistors are resistors with a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the resistance decreases with increasing temperature.

NTC Thermistors enable the boiler to log readings on the resistance on the flow and return pipes. If you’re unsure what the flow is it’s the pipe allowing hot water to leave your boiler. The return is your pipe that lets water back into the boiler to be heated once it has gone around the system. (hope you’re following)

This type of thermistor doesn’t log a temperature but in turn, sends resistance readings to the printed circuit board (PCB). The printed circuit board then converts this reading to degrees. The heat goes up in your boiler the resistance reading will then go down.

What do the NTC Thermistors protect?

The NTC helps the printed circuit board determine:

  • Flow temperature isn’t increasing after start up
  • Maximum temperature differential between the flow and return temperature has been reached
  • The flow and return readings are reversed

What does the fault code mean?

Your boiler is controlled by a central unit, which we techies call a printed circuit board. This helps the boiler to work basically for all you non-techy people. the printed circuit board receives signals from sensors in the boiler but also helps the other parts of the boiler to operate, which include the NTS thermistors, water pressure, and air pressure sensors.

IF your boiler displays an E20 fault code it will more than likely it will lock itself out to stop the boiler from being unsafe or not working correctly. It is very unlikely that this will be unsafe, however, it will protect the parts in your boiler from any further faults if the boiler isn’t working correctly. The famous saying of overcompensating works everywhere! Please don’t worry about replacing your boiler as this can be fixed!

What causes this error

Boilers can have small vibrations and can on occasion work lose small parts including the NTC. If this isn’t working properly then the printed circuit board will be unable to send out the right signals. You may notice problems in the boiler like water not heating up properly and the boiler cutting out.

What to do if you see this error?

Call your boiler engineer (that’s us by the way!) We will check and test the NTC thermistor, which is very small parts and like any type of part, they can stop working.

We test the NTC with the flow and return and this helps us evaluate the problem, these tests also help us whether the boiler is getting any power. Once our tests are over we can identify if you need the thermistor needs replacing. We won’t go into technical jargon but WILL be honest with our diagnosis.

If your boiler is of a canny age as we say up North then we will be upfront and honest with you because it may be cheaper to replace the FULL boiler with a new boiler installation if we believe it is better than to repair your boiler. To ensure this error doesn’t become a bigger problem as time goes on, we recommend getting your boiler serviced annually to help minimise the number of emergency plumbing call-outs.

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