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Energy Saving Tips

Check for draughts
The best way to ensure that you save energy is to check for drafts in your home.  So much heat is lost through gaps in windows and not having insulation in the loft.  Find out where the draughts are coming from (trust me you’ll know when you find it) then get it sealed.  You can pick up draught excluders in your local DIY Store.  Some local councils have schemes were you can insulation for free but you MUST ring up to check for this.

Change energy suppliers

Uswitch and Money Supermarket are great for comparisons.  The search is easy to do, you will be asked to put your current useage in and the sites will calculate the best providers for you.  These sites have been known to save households £100’s of pounds each year.  The other alternative is to contact your current energy provider to see if they have any better deals, which they could switch you over to.

Bleed your radiators

The main source of heat failing to heat your home is when radiators need bleeding.  Check these as part of your heating checking routine.  Use the key provided to drain any excess air and bleed them on a regular basis.  If there is trapped air then your hot water in your heating system won’t flow as well as it should do.

Have your boiler on a timer

Using your boiler on a timer instead of constant will save you money in the long term.  Heating an empty home is never a good idea.  Get to know your boiler and what the dials do and make sure that you have the dial for heating on the manual suggested heat.  Any higher could leave you with a high bill as you’ve used excess heat.

Keeping warm

Some of our customers are cold throughout the whole year, including Summer.  To ensure that you keep warm try putting foil behind the radiators.  This will reflect heat back into the room making it warmer.  Or you could invest in a few extra layers.  If you do want to have the heating on in the summer, make sure rooms that aren’t being used have the radiators turned down or even off.


Windows can cause your home to be cold.  Investing in heavy curtains or blinds will help keep the cold out on those chilly nights.  We’ve also talked about bubble wrap before to help keep heat in.  Apply bubble wrap to your windows and see how much heat this keeps in.  It’s a great and cheap method if you can’t afford double glazing.

Energy Saving Tips