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Glow Worm Ultimate 3

Finding the right boiler is crucial. Lucky for you, we've got a spotlight on something special - the Glow Worm Ultimate 3. This isn't just any boiler. The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 comes in two powerful forms: one with 30kW and another with 35kW strength. That means it's not only strong but also works at an impressive energy efficiency of 94%.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 combi boiler comes in two powerful models, one with a 30kW output and the other with a 35kW. Both are energy-efficient with an ERP 94% A rating.
  • It has high domestic hot water flow rates, providing fast and reliable hot water. The 30kW model offers 12.4 litres per minute, while the 35kW version delivers up to 14.4 litres every minute.
  • Users can install these boilers in various locations around their homes thanks to flexible flue options, including horizontal and vertical setups.
  • Its user-friendly design features a modern bright LCD display for easy control adjustments and compatibility with smart thermostat controls.
  • Customers benefit from a standard free five-year guarantee upon purchase which can be extended up to ten years when registered through Club Energy using a Glow-worm Power Filter.
  • The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 comes with different models and features, and offers high DHW flow rates, flexible flue options, and an aluminium heat exchanger.

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Available models and features

Glow Worm Ultimate 3 comes in two powerful versions, one with a 30kW output and the other with a 35kW. Both models heat your home and give you hot water without needing a separate cylinder.

They fit into kitchen cupboards easily because of their compact size. You won't need extra space for bulky tanks.

These boilers have high domestic hot water flow rates, making sure you get plenty of hot water quickly. Their aluminium heat exchanger is built for durability, ensuring your boiler lasts longer and works efficiently.

Plus, they offer flexible options for venting exhaust gases outside, which means installing them in different places around your house is easy.


With these features, the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 boilers stand out as smart choices for heating and hot water needs.

High DHW flow rates

The Ultimate 3 combi boiler shines with its strong hot water flow. The 30kW model pumps out 12.4 litres per minute. For bigger needs, the 35kW model boosts this to 14.4 litres every minute.

This means you get fast and reliable hot water in your taps or shower, even during busy times.

Choosing a boiler with high domestic hot water (DHW) flow rates like the Ultimate3 can make a big difference in homes both large and small. It ensures that hot water is always ready when you need it, without waiting.

Plus, it can handle more than one demand at a time, perfect for families getting ready in the morning or cleaning up after dinner.

Flexible flue options

Glow Worm Ultimate 3 offers various flue choices. This means you can place your boiler in different spots in your home, not just where the main chimney goes. It's great for houses that need more flexibility with their boiler installation.

These options include both horizontal and vertical flues, making it easy to fit the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 into tight spaces or even cupboards.


Aluminium heat exchanger

The aluminium heat exchanger in the Ultimate3 combi boiler is key to its high efficiency. It's made of automotive-grade aluminium, ensuring reliable performance. This component helps the boiler achieve an impressive 94% A rating for energy efficiency.

Its design allows for better heat transfer and reduces energy consumption.

This part plays a big role in heating your home. It works with mains gas to warm up water quickly and efficiently. The use of natural gas makes it a good choice for many homes. Thanks to this technology, radiators get hot faster, using less gas and saving money on bills.

Benefits of the Glow Worm Ultimate 3

High efficiency with an ErP rating of 94%

The Ultimate3 combi boiler saves energy and money with an ErP 94% A rating. It uses a high-efficiency modulating pump from Grundfos that lowers energy use. This makes your central warming system more efficient without wasting power.

Its top-notch efficiency is good for both the planet and your bills. With this condensing boiler, you get warmth quickly while using less gas or oil. The smart design helps your home stay cosy without costing too much to run.


User-friendly design

Glow Worm Ultimate 3 makes managing your home's heating easy with its user-friendly interface. It has a modern bright LCD display that shows clear information. This makes adjusting settings simple for everyone.

You can even control it using the MiGo app from anywhere. This means you can turn on your heating before you get home, making sure it's warm and welcoming.

You don't need to be tech-savvy to use Glow Worm's controls either. They're designed for straightforward use, ensuring anyone can efficiently operate their combi boiler without fuss.

Whether changing the temperature or programming the heating schedule, these features make your life easier and help save energy too.

Suitable for a range of homes

The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 is a top choice for many homes, big or small. With models like the 30kW and 35kW, it meets the needs of different-sized houses. This combi boiler provides both central heating and hot water efficiently, making an external cylinder unnecessary.

Thanks to this smart design, it fits perfectly into kitchens or airing cupboards.

This boiler adapts well to various setups with its high domestic hot water flow rates and flexible flue options. Its compatibility with a wide range of control options means homeowners can pick what suits them best.

Whether using simple dials or opting for smart thermostat controls through apps like Migo, managing home comfort becomes effortless. This adaptability makes the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 ideal for energy-conscious households looking to keep their spaces warm without wasting resources.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation package covers cost considerations and inclusions. The maintenance requirements are easy to manage.

Cost considerations

Considering the cost of installing the Glow Worm Ultimate 3, it's important to note that the boiler comes with a price tag reflecting its energy-efficient design and high-quality materials.

The installation package typically includes bespoke components such as a Grundfos modulating pump and an inbuilt filling loop designed to enhance efficiency and reliability. Moreover, customers can benefit from additional savings through Club Energy rewards when registering their boilers with a Glow-worm Power Filter.

Homeowners should budget for routine maintenance requirements given the automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanger, which underpins the boiler's long-term durability.

The installation of the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 includes essential components such as a combi boiler and hot water cylinder, providing users with an energy-saving solution tailored towards improving their central heating system.

Additional features and options

The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 boasts a modern LCD display and an easy-to-use interface for enhanced user experience. It is compatible with the full range of Glow-worm controls, including the popular MiGo app-based control, providing users with versatile options based on their preferences and needs.

Tyne and Wear provides The Glow Worm Ultimate 3

If you're in the market for a reliable and efficient heating solution, consider the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 from Tyne and Wear, a trusted boiler company. 

With its reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, user-friendly interface, sleek design, and low maintenance requirements, the Glow Worm Ultimate 3 stands out as an excellent choice for homeowners.

If you are interested in purchasing this boiler, contact Tyne and Wear for more details.