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Vaillant Boiler Problems

Read through our list of common breakdowns and fixes in Vaillant boilers. You will also learn about what to do when your boiler needs troubleshooting and what to do next time you experience a fault. Here are our top 6 vaillant boiler problems:

1. Low Water Pressure

One of the major problems that are always occurring is low water pressure. When you see a Vaillant boiler with an f22 error code this indicates that the water pressure is low in the system. A Vaillant boiler with low water pressure can be fixed by just opening the external filling loop to raise the pressure back to 1.5.

2. Faulty Pressure Sensor/Pump

If you have a Vaillant ecoTEC boiler then they are known for displaying the F75 code which means that the system cannot find the right amount of pressure while the pump is working. This will then require one of our team to visit to check whether it is the pump or pressure sensor that needs to be fixed.

3. Failed Ignition

Vaillant boiler problems with no hot water or heating are quite common, and we produce a Vaillant f29 error warning. This can be a result of a frozen condensate pipe, and a lack of gas supply. This is a common issue that engineers are able to then diagnose and resolve.

4. Incorrect flame detection

If the gas supply and the boiler’s ignition aren’t deemed as being safe the boiler may show up with an f27 error warning. You need to get in contact with a professional gas-safe engineer who can provide boiler repairs to fix the issue. This can be associated with moisture in the electrical parts, worn down ignition leads to a faulty printed circuit board.

5. Frozen Condensate Pipe

This issue can create a number of problems on all sorts of vaillant boilers. If this is the case you can usually fix this yourself by thawing it out with warm water. However if you do not feel safe or confident then call us tyne and wear today!

6. Slow Flow Rate

You may experience a slow rate of water coming out of the taps and shower heads within your home. This can be a problem related to the pump and the height position of your water tanks.

If you have any questions and are still unsure why your boiler isn’t working. Give us a call and we will help to identify your issue.