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Vaillant F22 Fault Code And Solutions

Boiler Fault Code and Solutions


While most models of Vaillant boilers are dependable, they sometimes malfunction. There are a few recurring themes among new technicians and one of the most common ones is the F22 error code, a particularly common phenomenon with Ecotec models. The good news is that, generally, this isn't an expensive or complicated issue to fix. In fact, some circumstances might require the boiler to be dismantled. So, a Gas Safe engineer is likely going to be needed to perform this for you. You can contact Tyne and Wear if you have any questions or error codes that may appear on your boiler. It is crucial to keep your boiler in good condition, that’s why we provide boiler servicing, installation and repairs.

Vaillant F22 fault code and solutions

What is the F22 Fault Code?


When a Vaillant boiler shows an F22 error code, the problem is that there is too little water pressure. In many cases, this will come from not enough water in your heating system and it may often stem from a leak. Leaks will cause a drop in boiler pressure and, subsequently, this will trigger an F22 error code when the pressure is too low. This F22 error code is fixable, but you should address the problem as soon as possible because if you ignore it and the low water pressure causes your boiler's key components to overwork, they will eventually wear out and you will face a very expensive repair bill.

Common Causes of the F22 Fault Code


Here are a couple of common causes of this error code:

  • Low boiler pressure

  • No hot water

  • No heat

  • Leaks in the boiler

  • Hot water without heat

Common causes of the F22 fault code

How to fix the F22 Fault Code on Your Vaillant Boiler


Here are 5 steps you should follow to help fix the fault code on your Vaillant:

1. Examine The Boiler’s Water Pressure Sensor

If you're seeing an F22 error on your Vaillant boiler, first check the water pressure sensor. Normally the pressure in your Vaillant boiler should be around 1.5 bar. If it is around this and the F22 error is showing, the issue is most likely to be with the sensor. To fix this, you need to consult with our engineer and a replacement sensor might be needed.

2. Low Boiler Pressure

If the pressure in your Vaillant boiler drops below 0.5 bar, you will be locked out. This means there is not enough pressure for your boiler to operate safely and it is likely to cause more damage if it tries to do so. For pressure to drop this dramatically, there has to be a leak of some sort. Whether or not the leak is visible, the pressure drop will be the giveaway.

3. Test For Leaks

If you suspect there is a leak, take a closer look at the boiler and pipes feeding it, then look around your radiators and towel rods, as well as any exposed pipes, to see if you find any water leaks. It may not be a large leak. Even a small leak can lead to pressure loss over time.

When there are loose joints or incorrectly fitted piping, leaks might be fixed by tightening them. If you cannot find any evidence of a leak, are unable to fix it yourself, or need to explore more thoroughly a spot you can't fix, you should call our qualified heating engineer to check your boiler, radiator valves, and your central heating pipes.

4. Increase Boiler Pressure

Once the leak has been fixed, top up your boiler's pressure. A professional plumber may take care of this for you, but it is something you can do yourself. For newer models, there will be a small hose at the bottom. This is called the external filling loop and can be used to boost the pressure in your system by adding water. To boost the pressure in your system, open this valve and leave it open until the desired pressure is reached. Close the valve when you've reached your desired pressure. Setting the pressure on your Vaillant boiler at about 1.5 bar is a good start, but make sure it's set at the proper level for your specific model of boiler.

5. Reset Your Boiler

Now that you have topped up the pressure in your Vaillant boiler, you'll need to reset it. Usually, you'll use the reset button. Most boilers made by Vaillant will have this display situated right next to the panel, but this may not be the case for your model. If you can't find it, go back and double-check your manual. Hold down the reset button for a little bit. This will activate the reset sequence, which could take a few minutes to complete. Once the service is complete, your boiler should work as it usually does.

If you are still having issues with your boiler and the error code, don't hesitate to contact Tyne and Wear today. We’ve got a team of boiler specialists with years of experience helping customers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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