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How To Install Hive Thermostat On Combi Boiler

Installing a Hive thermostat on a combi boiler can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your heating system and reduce your energy bills. The Hive thermostat is a smart thermostat that allows you to control your heating remotely using a smartphone or tablet. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the steps you need to follow to install a Hive thermostat on a combi boiler in a safe manner, without blowing everything up!


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Before You Start

Before you begin the installation process, there are a few things you need to check:

Compatibility: Firstly, you need to check if the Hive thermostat is compatible with your boiler. Hive thermostats are compatible with most boilers, but it’s always worth checking before you buy.

Power supply: Hive thermostats require a power supply to operate. You need to make sure there is a power socket nearby to plug in the Hive thermostat.

Wi-Fi connection: The Hive thermostat requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate. Make sure that your home Wi-Fi network is working correctly and has a strong signal in the area where you plan to install the thermostat.

Tools: You will need some basic tools to install the Hive thermostat. These include a screwdriver, drill, spirit level, and wire strippers.

let’s take a look at what you’ll need for the job:

  • A Hive thermostat
  • A Hive thermostat backplate
  • A screwdriver
  • A drill and drill bits (if required)
  • A level
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • The wiring diagram for your combi boiler

Step 1: Turn Off The Power Supply To The Boiler

Before you begin any work on your combi boiler, it’s important to switch off the power supply. This can be done by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse that powers the boiler.

Step 2: Remove The Existing Thermostat

If you already have a thermostat installed, you’ll need to remove it from the wall. Start by carefully removing the cover of the thermostat and taking note of the wires that are connected to it. You can use a marker or a piece of tape to label the wires if needed.

Once you’ve identified the wires, use wire cutters/strippers to remove them from the backplate of the thermostat. You should now be left with an empty backplate on the wall.

Step 3: Install The Hive Thermostat Backplate

Take the Hive thermostat backplate and use a level to ensure it’s straight on the wall. Once you’re happy with its position, use a drill to make holes for the screws. If you’re drilling into a tile or a hard surface, use a tile drill bit to avoid cracking the surface.

Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them until the backplate is secure on the wall.

Step 4: Connect The Wires From The Boiler To The Hive Thermostat Backplate

Refer to the wiring diagram that came with your combi boiler to identify the wires that need to be connected to the Hive thermostat. Each boiler manufacturer may use different colours for the wires, so it’s important to double-check before making any connections.

Use wire cutters/strippers to remove the protective coating from the ends of the wires, and twist the exposed wires together if they are not already connected. You may also want to use electrical tape to secure the connections and prevent any accidental short circuits.

Connect the wires to the corresponding terminals on the backplate of the Hive thermostat, following the wiring diagram provided with the thermostat. 

The most common connections are:

  • Red wire to R terminal
  • Blue wire to N terminal
  • Yellow wire to CH terminal
  • Green wire to HW terminal

However, the exact connections may vary depending on your combi boiler and the Hive thermostat model. It is always advisable to contact a heating engineer to guide you through the steps of installation.  


Step 5: Attach The Hive Thermostat To The Backplate

Once the wires are connected, you can attach the Hive thermostat to the backplate. Simply align the pins on the back of the thermostat with the holes on the backplate and gently press the thermostat into place.

Step 6: Turn On The Power Supply To The Boiler

Now that the Hive thermostat is installed, it’s time to turn on the power supply to the boiler. Switch on the circuit breaker or insert the fuse back into the holder.

The Hive thermostat will display a welcome message and guide you through the setup process. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network and customize the settings to your liking.

Step 7: Control Your Heating With The Hive App

Controlling your heating has never been easier with the Hive app. Once you have installed the Hive thermostat on your combi boiler, you can download the Hive app on your smartphone or tablet and take control of your heating system from anywhere.

Here are some of the features of the Hive app:

  • Set and adjust your heating schedule

The Hive app allows you to set up a heating schedule based on your lifestyle. You can choose the temperature you want your home to be at different times of the day, and the Hive thermostat will adjust the temperature accordingly. You can also make adjustments to the schedule at any time, from anywhere using the app.

  • Control your heating remotely

One of the best features of the Hive app is the ability to control your heating remotely. If you’re out of the house and realize that you’ve left the heating on, you can turn it off using the app. Similarly, if you’re on your way home and want to make sure the house is warm and cosy when you get there, you can turn on the heating using the app.

  • Get temperature alerts

The Hive app can send you temperature alerts if the temperature in your home goes above or below a certain level. This can be especially useful if you’re away from home and want to make sure that your home is not too cold or too hot.

  • View your heating history

The Hive app keeps a record of your heating history, so you can see how much energy you’re using and when. This can help you identify ways to save energy and reduce your heating bills.

  • Set up multiple zones

If you have a larger home with multiple heating zones, you can set up each zone separately using the Hive app. This allows you to control the temperature in each room or area of your home independently.

  • Integrate with other Hive devices

The Hive app can be used to control other Hive devices, such as lights, plugs, and cameras. This allows you to create a smart home that can be controlled by a single app.

  • Monitor your energy usage

The Hive app allows you to monitor your energy usage and see how much energy you’re using for heating. This can help you identify areas where you can save energy and reduce your heating bills.

⚡Overall, the Hive app is a powerful tool for controlling your heating system and creating a smart home. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, you can take control of your heating system and reduce your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.