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What To Consider When Purchasing A New Boiler

A new boiler is a big investment in your central heating system. This Tyne & Wear guide will help you through what to check out before buying, from choosing a reliable brand to understanding hot water needs and energy efficiency.


Key Takeaways

  • Think about how much hot water you need and the size of your property to choose the right type of boiler—a combi, system, or heat-only.
  • Compare installation quotes from various companies and explore payment options like financing or monthly plans to fit your budget.
  • Consider energy-efficient options like condensing boilers, solar thermal systems, or smart home technology to save on heating bills and help the environment.
  • Check for extra features such as thermostats, smart controls, and self-modulating valves that can improve efficiency and lower costs over time.
  • Choosing a reliable boiler installation company, like Tyne and Wear
  • When buying a new boiler, it's crucial to research and compare different brands. Reading customer reviews and considering warranties and aftercare are also essential.

Research and Compare Brands

Look into different brands like Worcester Bosch or Vaillant boiler and see the benefits of choosing them.r. Check how long the boilers last and if they are easy to fix. Some brands focus on energy-efficient models, which could save you money on heating bills over time. Contact Tyne and Wear for the types of boiler brands we install.

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Read customer reviews

Check what others say about the boiler brands you like. People often share if their combi boilers save on energy bills or if they have problems with them. Reviews can tell you a lot.

They might mention how good the warranty was when their boiler needed fixing. Or, they could talk about quick responses from customer service.

Reviews help pick the right boiler and avoid trouble later. They show how boilers perform in real homes, not just in ads. You can learn if a boiler works well in cold weather or pairs nicely with smart thermostats for better energy savings.

Plus, finding out which companies send Gas Safe registered engineers quickly can make your decision easier.

Take a look at Tyne and Wear’s Reviews!

Determining the Right Type of Boiler

Consider your hot water needs before deciding on a combi, heat-only, or system boiler. Evaluate your property size and water pressure for an informed choice.

Combi, heat-only, or system?

Choosing the right boiler depends on your home's needs. A combi-boiler combines heating and hot water in one unit, making it great for smaller properties without much space for a hot water cylinder.

It heats water directly from the mains when you turn on the tap, so you don't need to wait for water to heat up. This type saves space and is usually more energy-efficient.

Heat-only boilers work with a separate cylinder for storing hot water, ideal for homes with higher hot water demand or where several people need to use hot water at the same time. System boilers also use a cylinder but are more efficient than heat-only units because they contain many components within the boiler itself, reducing installation time and space needed.

Both options can be good if you have low water pressure or want to use renewable energy sources like solar thermal panels.

Consider hot water needs

Think about how much hot water your family uses every day. A combination boiler, or combi, heats water as you need it. This means no waiting time for a hot water tank to fill up. But if many people in your home use hot water at the same time, this might not be enough.

For larger homes with big families, a system or heat only boiler linked to a storage tank can keep everyone happy.

Your choice affects energy bills and carbon emissions too. Combi boilers are energy efficient because they only heat the amount of water you use. Yet, bigger systems with tanks might fit better with solar-powered setups or other renewable sources.

This way, you could cut down on both costs and carbon footprint over time. Choose wisely based on how you live and what fits your home best.

Assess property size and water pressure

Check how big your home is and the water pressure. Bigger homes might need a stronger boiler to heat up all the rooms well. A combi boiler often suits smaller places because it heats water directly from the pipes, giving you hot water when you need it.

But if many people use hot water at the same time in your house, this type of boiler might not work well.

Look at your home's water pressure before choosing a new boiler. Low pressure can affect how well combi boilers or system boilers perform because they rely on strong flow rates to operate correctly.

A Gas Safe engineer can check this and suggest if you need to boost your home's pressure for better heating and hot water performance.

Getting a Quote for Boiler Installation

Look at different prices for boiler installation. Check out several companies and see what they charge. This helps you find a good deal that fits your budget. You want to make sure you are getting a fair price for the work.

Also, think about payment options. Some places let you pay in parts or offer financing. This can make getting a new boiler easier on your wallet. Always ask about these options before making a decision.

Consider payment options

When it comes to paying for your new boiler installation, you have several options to choose from. Some companies may offer a one-time upfront payment, while others might provide financing or monthly payment plans.

It's essential to carefully consider which option aligns best with your financial situation and preferences. Additionally, don't forget to inquire about any potential rebates or incentives available for energy-efficient upgrades that could help offset the cost of your new boiler.

Moreover, exploring government schemes and support related to renewable energy installations can also lead to significant cost savings. By taking the time to research and understand all the payment options available, you can make an informed decision that suits both your budget and long-term goals.

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